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We wrote the book on pastoral succession planning.  BridgeDesign is a practical, step-by-step, evidence-based discernment process designed especially for Pastors one to two years prior to retirement.

We believe that every church with a retiring, long-term Pastor (over 10 years) should have a pastoral succession plan in place.  Every pastoral succession plan is comprised of three components:

  • A Transition Plan defining how the leadership will manage a variety of transition tasks between the resignation announcement of the Pastor and the arrival of the next pastor.

  • A Search Plan specifying a high level vision for the church, the critical abilities of the next Pastor, and how the search will be conducted.

  • A Start-Up Plan identifying steps the church will take to help the next Pastor start strong. 

Pastoral succession planning is generally initiated by the Pastor.  Contact us for a confidential conversation.

What people are saying...

“This practical book should be in the hands of every pastor and  board   chair. It provides the right answer to one of the most neglected areas   of church life today—effective leadership transition in the local church.”

--Dr. William O. (Bill) Crews Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary 
Mill Valley, California