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The CAT - Church Assessment Tool

The only benchmarked, reliable instrument designed especially for pastoral transitions and strategic planning!

  • The Church Assessment Toolâ is a customizable assessment instrument that can help you as a leader

  • Measure the level of satisfaction and energy in the church you lead.

  • Identify the critical factors impacting church climate.

  • Discover where members would like the church to go in the future.

  • Gauge readiness for change.

  • Uncover potential resources you may be missing.

  • Prepare for a search for your next pastor or priest.

We set up your survey, provide full instructions, and phone support.  Your survey will be set up within 24 hours.  After your members have completed the survey we will have your Vital Signs report generated within 48 hours.

We provide an onlink for members with computer access and a PDF of your survey for members who would prefer a print version.  No one is excluded from the process.


Discover why regional bodies across the country are making this the standard instrument for pastoral transitions and strategic planning!

What people are saying...

“The CAT is the best tool I know to assess a congregation's strengths, passions, gifts, needs and
challenges. I would not recommend that a congregation undertake any large new initiative without conducting a CAT first.”

Vera White
Staff to the Committee on Ministry
Pittsburgh Presbytery

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