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A mission-driven, fully aligned strategic planning process integrated into the best assessment instruments available on the market today.

Synched is a strategic planning process designed for churches ready to envision the new future God is calling them to.

Through Synched, the leaders of a church will experience
  • A purpose-driven process that discovers the values, mission, and vision that will differentiate their church from every other church in the community.

  • A process that combines the best practices from the science of organizational development with a discernment process that listens to the call of God.

  • A customized approach designed to provide what leaders need in their own unique context.

  • A checklist to determine if the church is ready to both develop a strategic plan and operationalize that plan after it is rolled out.

  • Evidence-based discernment which builds on the clarity received from the best congregational, staff, and social networking assessment tools available on the market today.

  • An updatable plan that provides solid direction combined with a structure that can  be updated on an annual basis.

  • An optional set of resources that can be used to help align staff, revamp the staffing rationale and organizational structure, and evaluate fit for program leaders.

  • Follow-up training and coaching upon requrest.


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